kyakyakyasu (kyakyakyasu) wrote,

a post just cuz i havent lately

Lots of stuff have happened (no surprises there) since my last post. Grad school drama, client drama, money drama, boy drama, watching dramas. U know, the usual. Nothing so serious (although the money thing could have been...)

My roommates r really nice. No drama there. But they are so young and i still get jealous that they both can hang out with their boyfriends practically everyday when I can't with mine *sigh*. What can u do? しょうがないね。

Most of my friends in the grad program are talking about looking for jobs. I still dont know if I will be applying in the US or not, let alone where in the US. Have a little time before i have to decide tho...

I have two placements this year: One at an elementary school where I'll give evals (test vocab, pronunciation, and give language samples). The other is at a place for young adults with Autism ><; I haven't been to the latter yet, but from what I hear, they need to give these young adults some sex education. Young adults with autism living in apartments almost independently = an overt sex environment. (Ex: Person A doesn't know how to pleasure himself. Person B offers to instruct. B ends up jacking off A in semi-public place) Not sure how this is gonna go, but I'm sure I'll come out with ALOT of interesting stories to share!

Oh! I thought of something fun to write about! Went to the local theatre that plays cult movies the other day. They showed The Princess Bride, my favorite movie!! The theatre was packed! Someone came dressed as Westly, and everyone chanted the "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya..." line. It was fun ^^ Next week is Pee Wee's Adventure, and later this month they will have The Big Wii-bowski (Play bowling on Wii with the theatre screen). Don't think I'll go, but it's a cool idea I think.

I guess that's all for now.
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