kyakyakyasu (kyakyakyasu) wrote,

So starts summer session...

Had 3 weeks off before summer session, spent mostly at home, dreading taking first year comps. Came to the new house for the last week, and have now started the summer semester. I don't wanna bore u with too much details, but here's a list of things i've had to deal with in the past week:

-a fly investation ><;,
-A bounced check from my roomie to the landlord, which i then had to pay for as she's in Japan...
-Landlord being upset that we let an exchange student stay here for 2 weeks, as she had no place to live
-Someone backing into my car
-Comps (exams AFTER final exams: one essay question for every class i've taken this year, which determines if i can continue my grad degree)

Good news:
-Comps are over!! and i think i did ok
-the car is barely scratched, but i still have to talk to my parents about what happened
-I have gotten rid/killed the flies, so it's not a big issue anymore
-I can still live in the house despite landlord drama

And even better news:
-Saw Sex and the City with a friend(though I wasn't that impressed)
-Discovered and wasted much time watching foreign dramas and movies
-Fell in love with Wonderful Life (Korean Drama)

Can't wait to see what the rest of this semester will bring ><;
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