kyakyakyasu (kyakyakyasu) wrote,

fingers in danger day??

I feel compelled to write, since I haven't in a long time.

Today has been 'fingers in danger day.' lol. I burnt one on my flattening iron, slammed one on my desk drawer, and cut one closing the window. what the heck?! Ah well, i guess i'll live. lol.

Other than that, life is pretty ok. i have my good days and my bad days. Mostly just focused on surviving grad school.

yesterday was Japanese Association's karaoke party. They borrowed my karaoke station and added 20 songs to it ^^ unfortunately, I don't know most of them and the ones i do are japanese rap songs... which doesn't help me much >< It was fun tho. Ate okonomiyaki (kansai style) and even tako-yaki!! Yum ^p^

Now it's time to meet some friends and get ice cream!!! Hopefully my fingers won't fall off before i get there...
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