kyakyakyasu (kyakyakyasu) wrote,

started up again

So this past week the school's speech path clinic opened up again and all chaos broke loose. Actually, it went well, but there's just sooo much prep that needed to be done, especially for first sessions. I think I have something like 16 clients?? So that's a lot of files to read and planning to do. Still have to decide on some objectives. fun fun. Basically, i'm living at the speech building.

what else... I'm a year older. But no party like last time with Connie and Eriko. That was fun ^^ I like sharing bday parties with friends. On the bright side though, I got to spend a lot of time with my baby (dog) over the weekend, so that was great.

Had a big fight with a close friend. Don't really wanna get into it, but not sure if it can get fixed. It's such a horrible feeling ...

Ryota and my "plan" changed a bit. Which isn't unusual, but anyways; The plan is that I finish grad school, he changes jobs this spring/summer to a company that has American ties. I move to Japan after graduation for a few years, and then we move back to the US. I kinda like this plan. I could use a few more years in Japan to sharpen up my Japanese skills and being in Japan is always fun (usually). I just wish I didn't have to wait 2 more years ^^; ah well.

And cuz I wanna leave on a fun note, here's a random fact:
It's illegal to hunt camels in Arizona.
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