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The craziest stressful studying weeks of my life

I finally took my comprehensive exams earlier this week. Basically what it was was a 3 hour essay exam which takes about 12 courses (aka every course I've ever had in my graduate school career) and picks one question from each. Problem is, no one knows what questions will be asked. So we had to study 12 courses in their entirety to prepare for this 3 hour exam. The good news is that I only have to answer 6 questions, but not all of the questions will neccesarily apply to courses I've taken, so I still had to study EVERYTHING. Not only that, but we have to be able to site sources where we could. It was literally a requirement for some questions. Y. U. K.

Anyways, it's over. Now I just have to stress about the results (if I fail, I have to take oral exams -> where I stand in front of 3 members of the faculty and have to answer any question they throw out to me on the fly... Yeah. REALLY don't wanna do those.)

Now, I'm studying for the Praxis exams, which I need to pass for state liscensure so that I can legally get a job (something I really have to start looking into).

Not a fun week.

And to top it off, I also had an exam for class and a paper due this week. It's pretty much the week from hell for graduate students. I will be SOO glad to be done with this. My supervisor at the hospital has been laughing about this. She's always telling me how ridiculus all the busy work we get in grad school, and she's totally right. Although I'll still have to take continuing education courses throughout my career, the presenters will absolutely clearly state what I need to know instead of giving extraneous details. Plus I'll get paid ^^

Ug. I needed to vent.
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