kyakyakyasu (kyakyakyasu) wrote,

Midlife Crisis

I bought a bass guitar. I've always loved music and have secretly wanted to play guitar/bass for a long time, so when Ryota came over Christmas we went looking. I kind of chickened out at first because I wouldn't know where to start on picking out a bass and the guy we talked to wasn't very helpful.

But then last week I called up the Guitar Center near Tucson and he was really helpful. But basses aren't cheap and I'm certainly not rich, so I mulled it over. When I talked to Ryota about it, he was very supportive. He even offered to pay (I don't think I'll let him though)! His reasoning was that I need a hobby. Haha...

Then, when I checked out the website, they had a 10% off coupon. So before I knew it, I was down at the store buying a bass. It's a pretty dark blue ^^

It might take me a while to play it well, but it sounds so nice. I really like it. Except the cord that connects to the amp is stuck ><; So I may be taking it in to be looked at later this week. boo...

Clinic-wise, still have not officially started yet. I did all my paperwork, drug testing, and immunization stuff. But they forgot to do the background check. So now I'm waiting around for them to contact me again. fun fun. I hope I start soon so I can figure out hospital or school jobwise. I need to start applying!!
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Personally I think you just up and buying a bass is about the most awesome thing I've ever heard XD I've always wanted to play the guitar but my parents made my play piano lol I guess there's still time to play it if I want to lol ahhh who knows I don't think I have the patience or musical prowess to teach myself though, but definitely an awesome move, you go kyasu :D
Thanks! I'll let you know how it goes. So far I pretty much suck. But I still really love it! !